Amazing Benefits of Chewing Neem Powder Regularly

Highlights Neem holds an immense traditional importance in the culture of India Neem leaf is loaded with multiple health benefits Neem leaf is replete with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties Neem holds an immense importance in the traditional culture of India. We have all heard our parents and grandparents re-iterate the advantages of neem time and again. The neem tree is said to have over 130 different biologically active compounds. Each part of the tree, be it the leaves, twigs, bark, seeds, root, fruits or flowers, is used in traditional Ayurvedic…

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Nisarg Eye Treatment

     Nisarg Organic Farm concerns your eye Looking at mobiles, laptops, computers, TVs all that, a lot of damage is done to the eye, nisarg organic farm has been made a natural product to protect you from damage and to prevent it from happening. A special powder for the eyes is made by mixing rough clay, triphala powder, rose petals, cow dung powder, cucumber. How To Use  The powder is to be applied to the eyes by soaking in water at bedtime in the afternoon or at night.When waking up,…

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Tesu Flower

Also called palash, tesu or Flame of the Forest, the plant grows as a medium-sized tree and is a native to India. The tree grows up to 40 feet high and has a distinctive appearance due to its grey bark, irregular branches and crooked trunk. The pinnate leaves have three leaflets each, which also brings to the very famous Hindi saying, ‘dhaak ke teen paat.’  The tree doesn’t flower until January, and even its leaves fall until then. From January to March, the tree is laden with orange-vermillion flowers, which also lend it…

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