• Amrut Bindu $100$250

    Useful for colds, coughs, fever, headache

    कोरोना वायरस से बचने के लिए सभी लोग यूज करते है

    अमरु बिंदु

    शारदी , खांसी , ताव और गलेमे रहे वायरस को भगाता है।

    अमृत बिंदु अमृत सामान होता है और वो फुदीना सत्व + अजमा सत्व + कपूर सत्व से तैयार होता है.

    अपने हाथ रुमालमे लगाके हर २० मिनिट में सूंघना है।

    कोरोना से बचने के लिए सुबह- शाम – , १-१ बून्द पानिमे डालके पिलेना है।

    वर्षो पुराना और हजारो परिवारोने अपनाया हुवा सचोट इलाज।

  • Cow Dung Cake (Kunda) $99$499

    Gavyas are most natural and can be derived in a very non-violent way. Their use reduces dependence on harmful toxins and promote recycling. They naturally rejuvenate the soil, crops, animals or human beings, thus being absolutely positive.Their use in fact becomes a reason for a longer and better life for our all-auspicious Gau matas.

    The surry prepared by dissolving the cow dung cakes in clean water can also serve the dual purpose of nourishing kitchen garden with organic manure.

  • Dardnashi Tel

    Joint pain Muscle pains

  • Findala Spirulina Syrup ( 2 pecking) $13

    Being rich in iron and calcium, it is highly beneficial in increasing hemoglobin, build stronger bones and teeth

  • GAU MUTRA ARK ( 2 pecking) $7

    Go-Ark (Cow Urine Distillate) MANUFACTURED By NISARG ORGANIC FARM is prepared by boiling and collecting the vapors (process is called distillation) to make cow urine distillate for oral intake. Go Ark has same properties of Cow urine i.e. antifungal, antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-allergic, antimicrobial, etc. Cow urine distillate also works in a wonderful way to recuperate dead cells, especially the cancerous cells. So it is known to be used in the treatment of cancer also.

    Some diseases known to be cured by go-ark intake are-

    High Fever: Ten drops of Shree Gau Ark every one and half an hour forms a natural way of high fever treatment line.

    Asthma: One may add two pinches of turmeric powder in 10-15 ml of Go-Ark and add 40 ml of water and take 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast. It should be taken continuously for seven days. If the symptom persists then one should take twice in a week. But one is advised to avoid potato, chilled water and ice cream during the treatment.

    Reduce Body weight: 10-20 ml of Gau Ark plus 5 ml of honey early in the morning i.e. 15-20 minutes before bath helps to bring down the extra kilos quickly.

    Diabetes: 10-20 ml of Shree Gau Ark empty stomach in the morning and 1 hour after your meals in the night i.e. before bed is known to be beneficial in treating Diabetes. But sweets and curd are to be avoided strictly.

    Jaundice: Gau Ark with ayurvedic medicine called kutki is very beneficial. Take 3-4 pinches of kutki and 4 teaspoons of Go-Ark, mix it and take half an hour before breakfast in the morning and half an hour after dinner in the night for a total of 21 days.

    Diarrhea: 10-15 drops of Go-Ark with 40 ml water gives fast relief in diarrhea.

  • KARYA SHHITHY SPREY ( 3 pecking) $5

    karya shsithi spre is only pujan ,mandir ues

  • -25%LimitedSold Out
    kitchen Garden Vegetable Pack $300
    1. Tomaato (टमाटर) 30 Seeds
    2. Laddy”s Fingar (भिंडी) 20 Seeds
    3. Brinjal (बैंगन) 30 Seeds
    4. Cluster Beans (गवार) 20 Seeds
    5. Onion (प्याज) 100 Seeds
    6. Radish (मुली) 50 Seeds
    7. Carrot (गाजर) 50 Seeds
    8. Bottle Gourd (लौकी) 20 Seeds
    9. Bitter Gournd (करेला ) 20 Seeds
    10. Water Melon (तरबूज) 20 Seeds
    11. Ridged Gorud (तुरई) 20 Seeds
    12. Spinach (पालक) 150 Seeds
    13. Fengreek (मेथी) 100 Seeds
    14. Coriarder (धनिया) 100 Seeds
    15. Chilli (मिर्च) 50 Seeds

    Out of stock

  • -33%LimitedSold Out
    Medecine Herb Kitchen Garden Seeds Pack $200
    1. Tulsi  (तुलसी)20 Seeds
    2. Spilanthes (मुलेठी) 20 Seeds
    3. Marva (मरवा ) 20 Seeds 
    4. Ashwgandha (अश्वगंधा )20 Seeds
    5. vijayanti( वैजयंती  ) 20 Seeds
    6. Sonvoluus Microphylus (शंखपुष्पी)20 Seeds
    7. Moringa (सहजन) 05 Seeds
    8. Touchmenot (छुईमुई) 10 Seeds
    9. Butterfly Pea White ( सफ़ेद अपराजिता ) 10 Seeds
    10. Butterfly Pea Blue (ब्लू अपराजिता ) 10 Seeds
    11. Butterfly Pea Duble Blue ( डबल ब्लू अपराजिता) 10 Seeds
    12. Butterfly Pea Pink (पिंक अपराजिता) 10 Seeds
    13. Balloon Vine (कपालफोडी ) 20 Seeds
    14. Chirmi White (सफ़ेद गुंजा ) 05 Seeds
    15. Chirmi Black (काला गुंजा) 05 Seeds
    16. Falsa (फालसा ) 10 Seeds
    17. Kalmegh (किरायता) 20 Seeds
    18. Malbar Spinach (पोई) 10 Seeds
    19. Shatavar (शतावरी) 10 Seeds
    20. Vidhara (वरधारा ) 10 Seeds

    Out of stock

  • Multa Ni Mitti Powder $30$24

    Benefits of Multani Mitti

    1. Heals acne
    2. Pulls and removes debris from the skin
    3. Makes skin beautiful and smooth
    4. Removes facial scars
    5. Rejuvenates the skin
  • Natural Hair Shampoo $5$43


    Protect Your Hair From Chemicals


    1. Prevents hair loss
    2. Strengthens hair from the roots
    3. Prevents hair breakage
    4. Helps to prevent graying of hair
    5. Makes hair silky and smooth
    6. Does not hurt even if it gets in the eye
    7. Can be used by persons from 1 year to 100 years

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