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    Amchur Powder $5$290

    Amchur Powder also known as Mango Powder. It is made from dried unripe green mangoes. It Used to flavor foods and add the nutritional benefits of mangoes when the fresh fruit is out of season. It is used to flavor curries, chutneys, soups and sambhar.It is also Used for Our Body Fitness and Reduce Body Problem.

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    Amrut Bindu Product
    Amrut Bindu $50$250

    Amrit Bindu is an all-natural, Ayurvedic remedy made from a unique blend of herbs. It can help to alleviate a wide range of common ailments, such as coughs, viral infections, mental health issues, headaches, and more – particularly in these uncertain times of the coronavirus pandemic. Its natural ingredients make it a safe and effective option for relief from various health issues. Try it today and experience the healing power of Amrit Bindu.

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    Chai Masala (Tea Masala) Product
    Chai Masala (Tea Masala) $99$599

    Chai Masala (Tea Masala) is an aromatic blend of whole spices and ginger powder, creating a flavor-packed addition to your favorite Indian tea! Not only is Chai Masala rich in antioxidants, it also helps boost your immunity, improve digestion and increase energy levels. Enjoy a cup of this flavorful tea and experience the health benefits of this traditional spice mix.

  • Cow Dung Cake (Kanda) $99$499

    Cow Dung Cakes are a traditional Ayurvedic remedy used to purify and cleanse the atmosphere of pollutants and neutralize harmful radiation. Not only does this cleanse the air, it also helps to nourish plants and improve soil fertility. The liquid made by dissolving cow dung cakes in clean water can be used to fertilize your kitchen garden with organic manure, creating a healthier and more productive environment.

  • Curry Leaf Powder $5$43

    Curry Leaf Powder is a super healthy, delicious, and iron-rich spiced condiment that can add a unique flavor and nutrition to your meals. It’s a great way to boost your iron intake, as well as add a unique flavor to your dishes. Plus, it’s easy and convenient to use, making it an ideal way to spice up your meals!

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    Dardnashi Tel Product
    Dardnashi Tel $50$250

    Experience the healing power of Nisarg Organic Farm’s Dardnashi Tel, a mead made from the Nirgundi and Til Oil, Castor Oil, and Mustard Oil. This natural and organic blend of ingredients, including Fenugreek Seeds, Garlic, Parijatk, and Curry Leaf, offers a range of health benefits, from reducing joint and muscle pain to strengthening immunity and improving digestion. Try the Dardnashi Tel today and experience the healing power of nature!

  • Diabetes Care – Cantrols Blood Sugar Level $10$90

    Helps in controlling the blood sugar level of your restores your best energy strength and vigation be used as an Adjuvant supplement arevent complications cut to diabetes. The Daibetes care powder 100% safe is and natural, and hygienically packaged under expert supervision.


    Jamun seed Powder, Karela Powder, Babul, Pipal Leaves, Amla, Giloy, Bel Patra Vijaysar Powder, Fenugreek, Gudmar, Neem Leaves Powder, Kala Namak

    Being a Natural Product Nutritional properties may very on enviromental conditions and passage of time.

  • Gau Mutra Ark ( 2 Pecking) $7

    Go-Ark (Cow Urine Distillate) MANUFACTURED By NISARG ORGANIC FARM is a powerful natural remedy made through an effective distillation process. Go Ark has the same properties as Cow urine, including antifungal, antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-allergic, and antimicrobial benefits. It is also known to be used in cancer treatment, as it works to recuperate dead cells, particularly cancerous cells. For best results, take Go-Ark orally for optimal health and wellness.

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  • Gokhru Powder $5$43

    Gokhru Powder is Ayurvedic and Natural Our Farm Base Product. It is Very Helpful for Our Body.
    This is very Useful to deal with urinary, kidney, and sexual problems. It has antioxidant properties, may boost your libido, reduce blood sugar levels, benefit women’s health, reduce blood pressure, reduce inflammation, treat kidney stones, and provide pain relief.

  • Hibiscus Tea $5$43

    Hibiscus tea can be made by steeping hibiscus flowers in boiling water for 5 minutes.Hibiscus tea made from dried parts of the hibiscus plant, is deep red in color.It Is Used For antioxidants, lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, Boost liver health, Weight loss Etc.

  • Karya Siddh Spray( 3 pecking) $5

    Karya Siddh Spray is a pure, all-natural product from Gir Cow, specifically designed for use in temples and other religious settings. Its natural ingredients make it a safe and effective way to enhance the spiritual atmosphere of any place of worship. With its powerful scent, Karya Siddh Spray is the perfect way to add a touch of divine energy and peace to your spiritual practice.

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    kitchen Garden Vegetable Pack Original price was: $400.Current price is: $300.
    1. Tomaato (टमाटर) 30 Seeds
    2. Laddy”s Fingar (भिंडी) 20 Seeds
    3. Brinjal (बैंगन) 30 Seeds
    4. Cluster Beans (गवार) 20 Seeds
    5. Onion (प्याज) 100 Seeds
    6. Radish (मुली) 50 Seeds
    7. Carrot (गाजर) 50 Seeds
    8. Bottle Gourd (लौकी) 20 Seeds
    9. Bitter Gournd (करेला ) 20 Seeds
    10. Water Melon (तरबूज) 20 Seeds
    11. Ridged Gorud (तुरई) 20 Seeds
    12. Spinach (पालक) 150 Seeds
    13. Fengreek (मेथी) 100 Seeds
    14. Coriarder (धनिया) 100 Seeds
    15. Chilli (मिर्च) 50 Seeds

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    Lemon Peel Powder $3$30

    Now you can enjoy the benefits of fresh lemon all year long with Lemon Peel Powder! It’s rich in nutritionists and contains Vitamin C, A, and B6. It’s also high in antioxidants, which may support oral health. Plus, it may have antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties so you can boost your immune system all year long.

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    Medecine Herb Kitchen Garden Seeds Pack Original price was: $300.Current price is: $200.
    1. Tulsi  (तुलसी)20 Seeds
    2. Spilanthes (मुलेठी) 20 Seeds
    3. Marva (मरवा ) 20 Seeds 
    4. Ashwgandha (अश्वगंधा )20 Seeds
    5. vijayanti( वैजयंती  ) 20 Seeds
    6. Sonvoluus Microphylus (शंखपुष्पी)20 Seeds
    7. Moringa (सहजन) 05 Seeds
    8. Touchmenot (छुईमुई) 10 Seeds
    9. Butterfly Pea White ( सफ़ेद अपराजिता ) 10 Seeds
    10. Butterfly Pea Blue (ब्लू अपराजिता ) 10 Seeds
    11. Butterfly Pea Duble Blue ( डबल ब्लू अपराजिता) 10 Seeds
    12. Butterfly Pea Pink (पिंक अपराजिता) 10 Seeds
    13. Balloon Vine (कपालफोडी ) 20 Seeds
    14. Chirmi White (सफ़ेद गुंजा ) 05 Seeds
    15. Chirmi Black (काला गुंजा) 05 Seeds
    16. Falsa (फालसा ) 10 Seeds
    17. Kalmegh (किरायता) 20 Seeds
    18. Malbar Spinach (पोई) 10 Seeds
    19. Shatavar (शतावरी) 10 Seeds
    20. Vidhara (वरधारा ) 10 Seeds

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    Multani Mitti Powder $30$550

    Multani Mitti Powder is an all-natural way to deeply cleanse and purify your skin. Its powerful absorbent properties pull out excess oil, dirt, and impurities, leaving your skin feeling purified, refreshed, and healthier. It’s a must-have for those looking for a natural way to enhance their skin’s health and beauty.

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    Natural Hair Shampoo $50$950

    Natural Hair Shampoo is Our Organic Product because We can Use all Our Farm Base Ingredient. we Can’t use any Harmful Chemical in this Shampoo. We can use Amla,  Sikakai,  Aretha, Fenugreek in this Product.

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