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    Amchur Powder $5$290

    Amchur Powder also known as Mango Powder. It is made from dried unripe green mangoes. It Used to flavor foods and add the nutritional benefits of mangoes when the fresh fruit is out of season. It is used to flavor curries, chutneys, soups and sambhar.It is also Used for Our Body Fitness and Reduce Body Problem.

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    Amla Powder $60$550

    Nisarg Amla Powder is a fully natural and organic product, grown without the use of any harmful chemicals. Our organic farm is dedicated to producing amla fruits in the most natural way possible – no artificial additives or preservatives. Enjoy the rich, sweet flavor of amla fruits, naturally and without any compromise on quality or safety. With Nisarg Amla Powder, you can trust that you’re getting a pure, healthy product.

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  • Fenugreek Seeds Powder $3$29

    Fenugreek Seeds Powder is Used For Their Nutritional Profile and Slightly Sweet, Nutty taste. It is also use in Many Health Problem like Diabetics, Blood Pressure, Weight Loss and Pain Relief.

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    Ginger Powder $5$50

    Ginger Powder Used in Our Day to Day  Life Style. Our Ginger Powder is Pure Organic and Natural Farm Base Product. It has various benefits in Ayurveda. This is Used in Food and Boost the Health.

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    Harde Powder $65$550

    Harde Powder is an all-natural colon cleanser that helps relieve constipation, bloating and ulcers, while also preventing and treating gastrointestinal diseases such as piles, food poisoning, and worms. In addition, Harde Powder helps keep your dental health in check, protecting loose and bleeding gums, as well as easing digestive obstruction. Get the digestive and dental health you deserve and feel your best with Harde Powder!

    Use Full in,

    • Weight Loss
    • Skin Care
    • Control Diabetes


  • Triphala Powder $5$43

    This is our Organic and Natural Product. Triphala Powder is Used for the protect against certain cancers and other chronic diseases. It also help for Weight loss, purifies the blood, removes toxins from the liver and reduces high blood pressure.

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