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  • Cow Dung Cake (Kanda) $99$499

    Cow Dung Cakes are a traditional Ayurvedic remedy used to purify and cleanse the atmosphere of pollutants and neutralize harmful radiation. Not only does this cleanse the air, it also helps to nourish plants and improve soil fertility. The liquid made by dissolving cow dung cakes in clean water can be used to fertilize your kitchen garden with organic manure, creating a healthier and more productive environment.

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    Gir Cow Ghee Product
    Gir Cow Ghee $500$1,999

    Gir Cow Ghee is nutritious, healthy and pure which is made from A2 milk of Gir Cow. We Can give Organic and fresh food from our farm to our cow, Then we can get the result in Ghee. This Ghee is Healthy and made From Original Gir Cow Milk. We can’t add any Chemical, Preservative or any Harmful Ingredients in it.

  • Nisarg Nasal Drop( 2 Pecking) $11

    Nisarg Nasal Drops Is The Perfect Solution For Improving Intelligence, Curing Insanity, Increasing Sexual Power, Improving Eyesight, And Giving A Good Voice. Not Only That, But These Drops Can Be Incredibly Beneficial For Addressing A Range Of Issues, Such As Snoring, Blocked Noses, And Sleeplessness. Regardless Of Age, This Product Is Suitable For Everyone. Give Nisarg Nasal Drops A Try And Experience The Difference Today! This is Gir Cow Ghee Product.

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    Organic Peanut Seeds Product
    Organic Peanut Seeds $249$3,950

    Organic Peanut Seeds can Grow By The Nisarg Organic Farm. We Can not Use any Chemical Or Harmful Fertilizer to Grow The Groundnut. The Peanut Seeds can Very Healthy For Our Body and Good Source of Proteins.

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