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    Amla Powder $60$550

    Nisarg Amla Powder is a fully natural and organic product, grown without the use of any harmful chemicals. Our organic farm is dedicated to producing amla fruits in the most natural way possible – no artificial additives or preservatives. Enjoy the rich, sweet flavor of amla fruits, naturally and without any compromise on quality or safety. With Nisarg Amla Powder, you can trust that you’re getting a pure, healthy product.

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    Aretha/ Reetha/ Soapnut Powder $4$33

    Aretha/ Reetha/ Soapnut Powder is used in Ayurveda as a Natural Hair, Body Cleanser and effective in managing skin dryness. Aritha is a Major Ingredient for making Herbal Hair Conditioner & Herbal Shampoos. It is also Use in Relieving Joint Pain.

  • Bhringraj Leaf Powder $5$43

    Bhringraj Leaf Powder is Ayurvedic Herb. This is Wild Plant, but We can Grow it in Our Farm so This is Pure Natural and Organic Powder. It is Very Helpful for Hair Treatment, Skin Treatment, and other Body Health. So We can Use it in Our Daily Life.

  • Curry Leaf Powder $5$43

    Curry Leaf Powder is a super healthy, delicious, and iron-rich spiced condiment that can add a unique flavor and nutrition to your meals. It’s a great way to boost your iron intake, as well as add a unique flavor to your dishes. Plus, it’s easy and convenient to use, making it an ideal way to spice up your meals!

  • Fenugreek Seeds Powder $3$29

    Fenugreek Seeds Powder is Used For Their Nutritional Profile and Slightly Sweet, Nutty taste. It is also use in Many Health Problem like Diabetics, Blood Pressure, Weight Loss and Pain Relief.

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    Hibiscus Powder $60$1,090

    Nisrg Organic Farm’s Organic Hibiscus Powder is a 100% pure and natural herbal powder made from freshly plucked and organically grown hibiscus flowers. This powerful beauty tool exfoliates dead skin cells and prevents early greys, reduces hair loss, delays premature greying and softens wrinkles. Enjoy the amazing benefits of this natural and organic powder for your hair, face and body. Try Wild Organic Hibiscus Powder today and see the difference!

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    Indigo Powder $99$950

    Indigo Powder is the perfect natural hair dye for those looking for an alternative to artificial dyes. Its plant-based nature is gentle on your tresses and free of any of the harsh chemicals, such as ammonia and peroxide, that can be found in traditional hair dyes. With Indigo Powder, you can achieve beautiful, vibrant hair without the worry of damaging your locks! We Can’t Show indigo powder side effects.

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    Lemon Peel Powder $3$30

    Now you can enjoy the benefits of fresh lemon all year long with Lemon Peel Powder! It’s rich in nutritionists and contains Vitamin C, A, and B6. It’s also high in antioxidants, which may support oral health. Plus, it may have antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties so you can boost your immune system all year long.

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    Natural Hair Shampoo $50$950

    Natural Hair Shampoo is Our Organic Product because We can Use all Our Farm Base Ingredient. we Can’t use any Harmful Chemical in this Shampoo. We can use Amla,  Sikakai,  Aretha, Fenugreek in this Product.

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    Neem Leaf Powder $49$450

    Neem leaf powder is a key ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine, used to balance pitta and kapha dosha and treat vatta disorders. Not only does it purify the blood, fight free radical damage, eliminate toxins, and heal insect bites and ulcers, but it is also naturally derived, with no artificial colours or scents. Additionally, Neem leaf powder can help control oil and pimples, treat skin disorders, and keep your skin’s natural oil balance in check, making it an ideal remedy for all your skincare needs.

  • Nisarg Black Mehndi $2

    Nisarg Black Mehndi is an all-natural, organic mehndi powder made with 100% pure, chemical-free ingredients, sourced directly from our own farm. We use only the highest quality natural ingredients to ensure a safe, healthy, and vibrant henna color. Our mehndi powder is free of any harmful chemicals or additives and is the perfect choice for natural, farm-based mehndi that is safe to use. Enjoy beautiful, vibrant henna designs with Nisarg Black Mehndi!

  • Nisarg Nasal Drop( 2 Pecking) $11

    Nisarg Nasal Drops Is The Perfect Solution For Improving Intelligence, Curing Insanity, Increasing Sexual Power, Improving Eyesight, And Giving A Good Voice. Not Only That, But These Drops Can Be Incredibly Beneficial For Addressing A Range Of Issues, Such As Snoring, Blocked Noses, And Sleeplessness. Regardless Of Age, This Product Is Suitable For Everyone. Give Nisarg Nasal Drops A Try And Experience The Difference Today! This is Gir Cow Ghee Product.

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    Nisarg Panchgavya Soap $150$430

    Nisarg Panchagavya soap is an all-natural and anti-bacterial soap made using traditional ingredients like Multani mitti, tilli tel and Neem ras. Not only does it help fight bacteria, it also brightens the skin and makes it fresh and glowing. Experience the power of nature with Nisarg Panchagavya soap and feel the difference in your skin!

  • Organic Henna Leaf Powder $5$43

    Organic Henna Leaf Powder has powerful antifungal and antimicrobial properties that may be beneficial for your hair and scalp. It can help to reduce premature graying and dandruff, giving you a healthier and more vibrant look. Try Organic Henna Leaf Powder today to take advantage of its natural benefits!

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    Red Onion Powder $5$50

    Red Onion Powder, This is Natural and Our Organic Farm Base Product. It is the ground form of dehydrated red onion. It is an excellent replacement for fresh onion. This is Useful for Improve Our Body Health.

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