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    Chia Seeds Product
    Chia Seeds $80$699

    Nisarg Organic Farm grows and processes chia seeds without any chemicals or harmful ingredients, making them a very healthy choice. Chia seeds are incredibly nutrient-rich, providing your body with essential omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, and antioxidants. With Nisarg, you can be sure that you’re getting only the best, healthiest chia seeds for your diet.

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    Farm Border Medecine Plant $300


    1. Lasoda (गुंदी) 10 Seeds
    2. Growia, asiatica (फालसा) 20 Seeds
    3. Sugar apple  (सीताफ़ल) 20 Seeds
    4. Kachka (काचका) 5 Seeds
    5. Prickly Pear (फिडला) 20 Seeds
    6. Cassla Fistula (गरमालों )20 Seeds
    7. Pithecellobium (गोरख आवली) 10 Seeds
    8. Chirmi White (सफ़ेद गुंजा 10 Seeds 
    9. Chirmi Black (काला गुंजा) 5 Seeds 
    10. sesbania grandiflora ( सफ़ेद अगास्त्य) 10 Seeds 
    11. Bauhinia Variegata (काचनार ) 10 Seeds 

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    Medecine Herb On The Farm Seeds Pack $300
    1. Moringa (सहजन)  20 Seeds
    2. Neem (नीम) 20 Seeds
    3. Pongamia (करंज) 10 Seeds
    4. Parijat (पारिजातक) 10Seeds
    5. Nirgundi (निर्गुंडी) 20 Seeds
    6. Kachnar (काचनार) 5 Seeds
    7. Amala (आमला) 20 Seeds
    8. Bahera (बहेडा) 5 Seeds
    9. guggul (गुग्गुल) 5 Seeds
    10. Red Gunja (रतन गुंजा) 5 Seeds 
    11. Haritaki Fruit (हरड़े ) 5 Seeds
    12. Roheda (रक्त रोहिदा ) 5 Seeds
    13. Thespesia Populnea (पारस पीपल) 10 Seeds
    14. Sundarban (सिंदूरी ) 10 Seeds
    15. Vay Varano (वाय वरणों ) 5 Seeds 
    16. Putrajeevak (पुत्रजीवक) 5 Seeds

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    Moringa Seeds (सहजन ) 50GM $300

    Moringa Seeds, As a powerful antioxidant, Moringa may help shield cells from harm and reduce inflammation and pain. Although Moringa is often used for a wide range of purposes, such as asthma, diabetes, and breast-feeding, there is currently no reliable scientific evidence to back up these claims.

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    Organic Peanut Seeds Product
    Organic Peanut Seeds $249$3,950

    Organic Peanut Seeds can Grow By The Nisarg Organic Farm. We Can not Use any Chemical Or Harmful Fertilizer to Grow The Groundnut. The Peanut Seeds can Very Healthy For Our Body and Good Source of Proteins.

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