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Joint pain Muscle pains



Apply on the affected area and gently massage over it for effective relief from joint pain.

Ayurvedic massage oil for joint and muscle pain: Dard nashi Oil is specially formulated with pain-relieving ingredients like Nirgundi and Til Oil, Castor oil and Mustard Oil.fenugreek seeds,gerlic ,parijatk,curry leaf

Helps in muscle
Ingredients of Nirgundi Joint Guard Oil like Nirgundi, Til or sesame oil have muscle-relaxing action. They help to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness.
Effectively reduces swelling and stiffness of joints: Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving ingredients of Dard nashi Oil like Til oil, Nirgundi, Castor oil helps to reduce swelling of the joints. Regular massage of this medicated oil help to relax stiff muscles and thus supports improving joint mobility.
Regular massage improves local blood circulation and strengthens muscles, bones and joints: Regular massage with Dard nashi Oil helps in the removal of tissue toxins, provides nutrition to muscles and joints, and improves local blood circulation. These actions lead to a strengthening of muscles, bones, and joints.
Gentle on skin
. This is where Dard nashi oil comes into the picture. An Ayurvedic Joint Mobiliser, Nirgundi helps you to get relief from joint and muscle pain.

6 reviews for Dardnashi Tel

  1. Jeny Chudasama

    Best result

  2. Ashok Kambad

    The nectar I use is a very good product and also very beneficial.
    Nature is a good work of organic farm.

  3. Yuvaraj Singh

    Your Product is very best . Good work nisarg organic

  4. Gaby Baby

    Good Work

  5. Kulsum Sherwani

    ये दर्दनाशी तेल बहोत ही अच्छा है , मे इसका उयपयोग करती हु , अच्छा कार्य है निसर्ग ओरगनिक ॰

  6. bgpandy54

    Ohhh… SupaBB result.
    Immediately pain Gayab..

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