Medecine Herb On The Farm Seeds Pack


  1. Moringa (सहजन)  20 Seeds
  2. Neem (नीम) 20 Seeds
  3. Pongamia (करंज) 10 Seeds
  4. Parijat (पारिजातक) 10Seeds
  5. Nirgundi (निर्गुंडी) 20 Seeds
  6. Kachnar (काचनार) 5 Seeds
  7. Amala (आमला) 20 Seeds
  8. Bahera (बहेडा) 5 Seeds
  9. guggul (गुग्गुल) 5 Seeds
  10. Red Gunja (रतन गुंजा) 5 Seeds 
  11. Haritaki Fruit (हरड़े ) 5 Seeds
  12. Roheda (रक्त रोहिदा ) 5 Seeds
  13. Thespesia Populnea (पारस पीपल) 10 Seeds
  14. Sundarban (सिंदूरी ) 10 Seeds
  15. Vay Varano (वाय वरणों ) 5 Seeds 
  16. Putrajeevak (पुत्रजीवक) 5 Seeds

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Kitchen Terrace Balcony for Poly House Gardening .We offer high quality seed kits for commonly used vegetables for planting in your kitchen garden / terrace top / balcony or poly house gardens or any other suitable places. Have you ever thought of a small vegetable garden in your home? Good! Farming is not just for rural areas. It is also possible in cities. This can be achieved by arranging vegetables on your terrace, terrace, balcony or elsewhere and raising them for your own use or for sale.

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