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Nisarg Black mahedi Powder
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Nisarg Black mahedi Powder is a hair colour made from pure Black mahedi Powder to provide natural looking colour and nourishment. Black mahedi is a widely known for its use as a natural colour and it makes the hair darker and shinier. Its herbal ingredients is useful in preventing hair fall, treats itchy scalp and is highly beneficial for dry, thinning hair.

Key Ingredients:

Key Benefits:
It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and instead promotes hair growtw

Ingredients such as bhringraj, katah, amla, shikakai, bhrami provides needed nourishment
Prevent hair fall and treats issues related to hair thinning
Black mahedi and katah acts as a natural hair colour and doesn’t cause any damage
Treats itchy scalp and promotes hair growth
Is highly useful in controlling dandruff and makes the hair thicker
Contains anti-inflammatory properties that prevents hair fall, greying and strengthens roots

Directions For Use:
Soak Nisarg Herbals Arnica Black mahedi Powder in warm water and form a smooth paste. Allow it to cool for five minutes. Using gloved fingers, apply the paste in sections of the hair, from the roots towards its end. You can also use a small brush for this purpose. Leave it on for at least 30-40 minutes or for a darker effect, leave the paste on for about 3 hours . Rinse your hair with water and remove Black mahedi . Apply hair oil in the night and shampoo your hair in the morning for best results



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