Amrut Bindu

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Useful for colds, coughs, fever, headache

कोरोना वायरस से बचने के लिए सभी लोग यूज करते है

अमरु बिंदु

शारदी , खांसी , ताव और गलेमे रहे वायरस को भगाता है।

अमृत बिंदु अमृत सामान होता है और वो फुदीना सत्व + अजमा सत्व + कपूर सत्व से तैयार होता है.

अपने हाथ रुमालमे लगाके हर २० मिनिट में सूंघना है।

कोरोना से बचने के लिए सुबह- शाम – , १-१ बून्द पानिमे डालके पिलेना है।

वर्षो पुराना और हजारो परिवारोने अपनाया हुवा सचोट इलाज।

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      Useful for colds, coughs, fever, headache

      Amaru Bindu

      Cold, cough, fever, The virus kills in the village and escapes from there.

      The nectar point is the nectar item and it is prepared from the Fudina Sattva + Ajma Sattva + Kapoor Sattva.

      Put your hands in a handkerchief and smell it every 20 minutes.

      To avoid corona, we have to add 1–1 drops of panime in the morning and evening.

      Years old and thousands of families have adopted true treatment.

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      12 reviews for Amrut Bindu

      1. Jeny Chudasama


      2. Ashok Kambad

        The nectar I use is a very good product and also very beneficial.
        Nature is a good work of organic farm.

      3. Yuvraj SIngh

        Your Product is very best . Good work nisarg organic

      4. Pratiksha

        Good Work Nisarg Organic Farm

      5. Swetal

        આ અમ્રુત બિંદુ હુ વાપરુ છુ તે ખુબજ ફાયદા કરક છે.

      6. Aruni soni

        I use this nectar point. Good and very useful.

      7. Er. Sthita Prajna

        ये अमरूत बिन्दु बहोत ही अच्छा है , मे इसका उयपयोग करती हु , अच्छा कार्य है निसर्ग ओरगनिक ॰

      8. Akhilesh Pandye

        Good Work

      9. bgpandy54

        That is wonderful products for head ache and Cold and cough . That is best….

      10. Nilesh bhavsar

        This product is very useful and very effective ,and we are purchasing it second time . This is very useful product for all family members .

      11. prafulpriydarshi0

        Very good for srdi,sr dard,khasi and all

      12. yogita Rajput

        good for sardi ,sar dard and khansi

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