Nisarg Natural Scrubber 3 Pcs


It is an amazing exfoliator and has plenty of benefits with skin cleansing.
It deep cleanses your body & removes dirt, dead skin cells & excess oils from the skin.
Loofahs are natural scrubbers & stimulate blood circulation while you take a bath.
These Loofahs can be used both as to body scrubber or dish scrubber in their raw form & are suitable for all skin types.



  • Natural product always may have small, medium and large sizes. Product size may vary based on availability
  • it is also beneficial for you to eliminate dead skin cells that will automatically give you smooth, youthful as well as glowing skin
  • Never share your loofah and do not hang it in the shower to dry. To ensure that it dries out properly, store your loofah in a cool, dry place where there is little moisture. You will need to replace it every three to four weeks
  • The loofah sponge is composed of slightly rough fiber that are very helpful to exfoliate your skin

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 7 cm


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